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  • Indulgent Sprays

    by Anita Shaw

    Health and wellness continue to be a major focus for consumers, as today’s homeowners look to incorporate products that promote well-being into their everyday routines. …

  • Within Range

    by Anita Shaw

    While cabinets and countertops are often the foundation of a kitchen design, more and more the cooking area – specifically the range and hood – …

  • The Influence of Nature

    by Anita Shaw

    Homeowners are embracing nature in a number of ways, including in how they choose to design their interior living spaces. Earthy colors – from neutral …

  • Cabinets Hit Refresh

    by Anita Shaw

    Cabinets are often the foundation of a kitchen’s design, acting as the anchor of the space that sets the tone for the overall style. After …

  • Bold, Strong and Distinctive

    by Autumn McGarr

    The sheer amount of surface space in the kitchen creates demand for solutions that are visually appealing, durable and distinctive. Islands can be used to …

  • Bath Storage with Style

    by Anita Shaw

    Just as cabinets are elevating the look of today’s kitchen with updated colors, finishes and styles, vanities are providing an additional design punch in the …


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