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  • Market Conditions Seen on Slow Uptick

    by Autumn McGarr

    Although key challenges linger as 2023 enters the fourth quarter, headwinds in the nation’s new construction and remodeling sectors are expected to gradually subside in …

  • The ‘D’ Word

    by Autumn McGarr

    Increasingly, it’s become a big, uncomfortable, exciting, utterly unavoidable topic of conversation with regard to the workplace – diversity.  A surefire way to get a …

  • Bottom Seen Forming for Housing Market

    by Autumn McGarr

    Strong headwinds, including high interest rates and a lack of existing-home inventory, continue to hamstring the nation’s housing market, although there are growing signs that …

  • Market Sectors Remain Choppy, Mixed

    by Autumn McGarr

    The nation’s housing and residential-remodeling sectors continue to exhibit mixed results in the face of inflation and other market headwinds. Among the key statistics and …

  • With interest rates expected to stabilize, and existing-home prices showing signs of a decline, a sustained housing rebound is likely to begin in the latter …



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